iCoCo: the iCM portmanager for Win/Lin/Mac

iCoCo is a Windows/Linux/Mac application for configuring the excellent iConnectMIDI ("iCM") MIDI router by iConnectivity. It utilizes the awesome portmidi library and the brilliant FLTK GUI toolkit. iCoCo is free software: you may run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

A tip for Windows users: install the KORG USB MIDI driver and use it for your iCM. It will allow multi-client iCM port access, better overall MIDI performance and pretty iCM port names ("iCM DIN1", "iCM DIN2", "iCM D1", ...).

Getting iCoCo

Current release version: v03

Downloads, source code as well as this site, are kindly hosted by - you've guessed it - SourceForge.

Bugtracker and feedback

Found a bug, got a question or want to give some feedback? Post it here.


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